Thursday, June 10, 2010

Icon hunting: Calendar, Collections, Countries, DIY, Dollhouses, Dolls, Photos, Shops

I have told you I like hunting the icons and now that a colleague taught me how to use Photo Shop for creating buttons I got excited and chose quite many at the same time. But doesn't this look so pretty now?
I hope you follow my logic with the icons.

The clock by Beach Blossom Hill is for Calendar - what is going on in the mini world right now.
The chest by Hart's Desire Minis is for storing Collections
The map by Goldieholl is for going to different Countries
The cabbage phases by Shay Aaron are for DIY
The dollhouse is owned by Dont Make a Scene is for Dollhouses and
The doll by S.Lilium is for Dolls

The camera by Nina Victor is for taking Photos and
The shopkeeper by Miniaturemadness is for Shops.

Did this make sense to you? Any ideas for the icons still missing?

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  1. Thank you for including my clock! I so appreciate it! These little laser cut kits are very easy although also easy to break if you are not careful. They are available on Cynthia Howe's website and I painted mine and added a few coats of Varnish hoping it will give it strength!


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