Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mini buttons for funding the wiki @ Lahti

Next week I am going to Lahti for a dollhouse fair. This is the fourth time already and once again I will be there my own junk. I bet you share my symptoms... When you have been doing this hobby for years you find out that you have too much of everything like materials that cannot be just thrown away as those may be needed someday by someone. I hope some of my junk is being rescued by people who really need them.

But this time I am selling something else too: MTW badges. I have a limited edition of 100 pieces, come and claim yours when in Lahti (or ask your mini friend to get one for you too if you cant make it). The profit from the badges goes to Mini treasures wiki to cover part of the premium version costs I am paying. If you want to join this group-funding operation you can also get a button for you too from Cafe Press, the price is
€2.00 = £1.50= USD $1.75 =
AUD $2.50 = CAD $2.50.

(There are other products too if you dont like buttons)

I am just hoping I do not need to wear all 100 buttons by myself ;D.

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