Friday, June 11, 2010

Icon hunting: Blogs, Forums, Home pages, Kids corner, Magazines, Museums, Projects, Printables,Scales, Trash minis

Phew - it was fun but now I am finished: the icon hunting is over. I had so much fun with the icons earlier today that I did not want to stop that.
Now we have icons for:

Blogs - blogs are full of text usually and the text is being typed by Renatta R's type writer

Magazines by Natalie 007

Kids' corner by Lady Crow

Museums by CauldronCraft

Scales - Citlali has compared dolls from different scales

Printables - Pubdoll's posters

Trash minis by Millimari (who is btw the trash queen of my dollhouse forum, we have had competitions)

Projects - this was difficult but in the end I chose a drawer by Enchanticals - a sortiment of stuff needed for starting a new project

Forums were tough too - but then I figured out that forums are about discussions and the discussions are very vivid in coffee tables. Thus I chose coffee by Asuka Sakumo - wouldn't you love to have that kind of coffee while reading your messages from your favorite forum?

Home pages was not easy either but for that I chose a computer by Annina

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